The Best Interior Decoration Tips for A Stunning Home


Does your home have a dull look to it? Do you feel that you should change things up, but don’t know where to begin? If you answered yes to one or both questions, you should read on for some great interior decorating tips to rejuvenate the inside of your home.


Make a Good Impression at Your Entrance

 Where is the first place, guests will come through in your home? The entrance of course. This is the place you need to set the tone for the rest of your home. One way to do this is to change the color or replace your door entirely. Replace old screen doors with an elegant, customized glass paneled door. Another tip is to paint your door a fun, bright color. These bright colors symbolize attraction and are meant to draw guests into your home. The door may be one of the most important features when interiorly redecorating your home. Make sure you set the tone.


Stick to Neutral, Light Wall Colors

This tip is the best way to give yourself the best decorating flexibility. Paint your walls a light brown or beige color. These colors are earthy tones and match many decorations and accents. The big thing with paint is to minimize the crazy transitions. Going from a light brown painted room to a neon green room may leave the impression of confusion and distaste. Keep things simple and stick to a natural, healthy palate of colors.


Keep Your Furniture Organized

 Your furniture is the pieces that will make or break your room. If you have to much furniture or too little furniture in one area, it can make your room look in disarray. The best tip is to keep things simple and balanced. Depending on your room size, a large sectional that can sit in the corner of your room, a small love seat adjacent to the couch and a matching coffee table could be plenty. You do not want to stack furniture on top of each other. This will make your room look cluttered. Also, try and match your furniture colors to your walls and your other furniture.

Strategically Hang Wall Décor

Hanging wall pictures and any other type of décor can make your rooms very tasteful and unique. The best tip is hanging things the right way. Pictures should hang eye level and be of enough scale on the wall of your choice. If you have a tiny picture, it will not look right on your large wall. Make sure you us a good-sized picture if it is going to be the only one hanging on the wall. Also, do not hang to many things on the same wall. Keep things simple and balanced. Another great tip is to make sure to hang a mirror in every room of your home. This makes your home feel more spacious and some believe it is good luck.

Minimize the Clutter

The final tip is to get rid of all the clutter in your home. Items sitting on tables, stuffed in corners or stacked on shelves do not necessarily make your home look elegant. Less is in fact more when it comes to space and making your home feel new. Get rid of everything you do not need and only keep the bare minimum on display. An organized home is the best untold tip to interior decorating.

These tips will all help you turn your dull, same-old everyday home into one of those interiors you see on HGTV. Remember, simple and organized is the way to go.


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